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10 Best Family Lawyers in Brisbane in 2024 (50 Family Lawyers Reviewed)

If you’re looking for experienced family lawyers in Brisbane, we can help you. We have curated a list of the top 10 family lawyers in Brisbane after spending over 100 hours researching and evaluating them.

If you need an accredited family law specialist, we can assist you in finding the one that works best for you. Let’s get started!

What we look for

  1. Reputability
  2. Experience and expertise
  3. Communication
  4. Availability

Top Family Lawyers in Brisbane

1. Andrews Family Lawyers

Andrews family Lawyers

Andrews Family Lawyers is a North Brisbane family law firm emphasising a transparent, client-centred approach. They ensure all legal processes are understandable and straightforward.

Andrews Family Lawyers also specialises in comprehensive legal support across various family law issues. Their approach focuses on client wellbeing and favourable outcomes.

Best Part

Andrews Family Lawyer’s pricing structure provides transparency in legal costs, making it easier for clients to manage their finances during legal proceedings.

They also offer a free initial consultation.

Ideal For

This firm best suits those seeking clear, structured legal support in family law matters.

Key Services

  • Binding financial agreement
  • Consent order
  • Binding child support agreement
  • Divorce
  • Property Settlement

2. A.L.F. Lawyers Brisbane

A.L.F. Lawyers Brisbane

A.L.F. Lawyers is a multifaceted law firm that prides itself on handling legal matters with care and professionalism. This firm is well-regarded for its extensive services in family law. They provide empathetic and detailed guidance through potentially tumultuous times. Their client-centred approach focuses on offering accessible, understandable, and reliable legal assistance.

Best Part

A.L.F. Lawyers offers a “We Work For You Because We Care” ethos. They emphasise a personalised and compassionate service approach that ensures clients feel supported.

Ideal For

A.L.F. Lawyers are ideal for those needing comprehensive legal support across various areas. Families undergoing transitions such as divorce, custody disputes, or estate planning will benefit.

Key Services

  • Family law (including divorce, child custody, and financial settlements)
  • Criminal law
  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial law
  • Wills and estates
  • Domestic violence claims

3. Unified Lawyers

Unified Lawyers

Unified Lawyers is renowned in Brisbane for its expert handling of family law matters. This includes child custody, divorce, and parenting. With a significant Brisbane presence, they provide straightforward, empathetic legal advice.

They’re recognised for their effective communication and commitment to resolving cases promptly. Hundreds of 5-star client reviews underscore their reputation. This highlights their ability to handle complex family law issues with sensitivity and expertise.

Best Part

The firm offers a free consultation to start. This ensures potential clients can understand their legal situation and options without a commitment.

Ideal For

Unified Lawyers is ideal for individuals needing decisive and compassionate advice in family law matters. This applies especially to those involving children and property settlements.

Key Services

  • Child custody and parenting arrangements
  • Divorce and separation
  • Property settlement
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Prenuptial agreements

4. James Black Family Law

James Black Family Law

James Black Family Law is recognised for its strong focus on arbitration and mediation. The firm is well-regarded for its tailored approach. They provide personalised conflict resolution and the best possible outcomes for all parties, especially children. Their services are designed to manage family disputes with dignity and respect. They aim to reduce the emotional stress often associated with such proceedings.

Best Part

James Black Family Law excels in creating a constructive environment for mediation. This helps create more amicable resolutions that are less emotionally and financially taxing on the clients.

Ideal For

This firm best suits individuals who prefer to handle family disputes through mediation and arbitration. Anybody needing solutions that prioritise the well-being of children and maintain family harmony should consider them.

Key Services

  • Family Law
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

5. Cornerstone Law Offices

Cornerstone Law Offices

Cornerstone Law Offices in Brisbane offers a broad range of legal services, emphasising family law. Founded by Pravinita Singh-Pillay, the firm strives to deliver ‘big firm’ expertise at more accessible rates. Their ISO 9001 certification demonstrates their dedication to quality. This ensures that clients receive consistently high standards of service. They’re known for clear, straightforward legal advice and their commitment to working towards positive outcomes.

Best Part

The firm provides significant expertise at an affordable price. This allows clients to understand their legal options without a big financial commitment.

Ideal For

Cornerstone Law Offices is ideal for parties seeking comprehensive legal advice across various areas. These include family law, conveyancing, and estate planning. This helps people who value clarity and thoroughness in legal proceedings.

Key Services

  • Divorce
  • Parenting orders
  • Financial agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Property settlements
  • Mediation

6. Simonidis Steel Lawyers

simonidis steel lawyers

Simonidis Steel Lawyers are family law specialists with over 30 years of experience handling sensitive family matters. These include separation, divorce, child support, and property settlements. They have a compassionate approach and dedication to clear and understandable legal guidance. They ensure clients feel supported throughout their legal journey.

Best Part

Clients appreciate the personalised attention they receive at Simonidis Steel. Their lawyers follow up even after case resolution to ensure ongoing support. This highlights a commitment to client welfare beyond the case.

Ideal For

This firm is particularly suited for individuals navigating the complexities of family law. Those valuing a supportive and empathetic legal partnership will benefit.

Key Services

  • Separation and divorce
  • Child support and maintenance
  • Property settlements
  • De facto and same-sex relationship agreements

7. TWC Lawyers

TWC Lawyers

TWC Lawyers tackles complex and emotional family law cases involving divorce, child custody, and property settlements. They approach every client with professionalism and empathy. They have an experienced team that provides neutral, balanced advice and guides clients. This helps them through difficult family transitions. Their services have a fair fee structure, accommodating individuals across different income levels.

Best Part

TWC Lawyers provides comprehensive mediation services to help resolve disputes amicably. This is invaluable in family law cases where preserving relationships can be crucial.

Ideal For

This firm is particularly well-suited for individuals dealing with complicated family law issues. Anyone needing expert advice and support to resolve their legal challenges.

Key Services

  • Child custody and support
  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial arrangements and property settlements
  • Family mediation
  • Spousal maintenance

8. Neilson Law

Neilson Law

Neilson Law provides clear and practical solutions to complex situations. They emphasise a supportive approach. Their team guides clients through challenging times with empathy and clear communication. The firm offers a broad range of services. These include divorce, asset protection, and parenting issues. They are valued for tailoring solutions to individual circumstances.

Best Part

Neilson Law provides fixed fees and deferred payment options. This makes their services accessible and reduces financial stress for clients.

Ideal For

This firm is excellent for parties facing emotional family law issues who need compassionate and clear legal guidance to handle their legal challenges.

Key Services

  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial separation and asset protection
  • Parenting plans and child support
  • Mediation and domestic violence cases
  • Prenuptial and post-separation agreements

9. Transitional Legal

Transitional Legal

Transitional Legal provides comprehensive legal services. It specialises in family law, domestic violence, criminal law, mediation, and wills and estates. The firm is known for its aggressive advocacy and personalised service. It focuses on representing clients in high-conflict cases. Its solicitors are seasoned in handling sensitive cases. They ensure clients receive the best possible representation and support through traumatic experiences.

Best Part

Transitional Legal is committed to vigorous representation, particularly in high-conflict scenarios. They help protect their clients’ rights throughout the legal process.

Ideal For

This firm is best suited to people facing complex legal challenges in family law who require staunch legal representation and guidance through contentious disputes.

Key Services

  • Family law (including pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, and custody)
  • Domestic violence (protection orders and related services)
  • Criminal law (including traffic and drug offences)
  • Mediation and family dispute resolution
  • Drafting wills and handling probate matters

10. McInnes Wilson Lawyers (Brisbane)

McInnes Wilson Lawyers Brisbane

McInnes Wilson Lawyers offers extensive expertise in family law. They work closely with clients’ other advisors, such as accountants and real estate agents, to ensure comprehensive support. They handle a variety of family law matters. This includes divorce, property settlements, and parenting issues. They work tirelessly to achieve favourable outcomes for clients. Their lawyers help clients set clear goals and break down the legal process to ensure understanding and effective decision-making.

Best Part

The firm is notable for its collaborative approach. Working with a client’s extended team of advisors ensures all aspects of a case are addressed. This can lead to more holistic and favourable outcomes.

Ideal For

Individuals who need solid representation appreciate a team approach to complex legal situations involving divorce, asset protection, and parenting arrangements.

Key Services

  • Divorce and separation
  • Property and financial settlements
  • Parenting agreements and child-related matters
  • Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements
  • Spousal maintenance

Our top 3 picks

  1. Andrews Family Lawyers
  2. Cornerstone Law Offices
  3. McInnes Wilson Lawyers

Here are the top 50 Brisbane family law firms we considered in this review

  1. Andrews Family Lawyers
  2. A.L.F. Lawyers
  3. Unified Lawyers
  4. James Black Family Law
  5. Cornerstone Law Offices
  6. Simonidis Steel Lawyers
  7. TWC Lawyers
  8. Neilson Law
  9. Transitional Legal
  10. McInnes Wilson Lawyers
  11. Michael Lynch Family Lawyers
  12. Journey Family Lawyers
  13. New Way Lawyers
  14. Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers
  15. Best Wilson Buckley Family Law
  16. Hartley Healy Family Law Specialists
  17. Collective Family Law Group
  18. Advance Family Law
  19. Pullos Lawyers
  20. Brisbane Family Law Centre
  21. DA Family Lawyers
  22. Emerson Family Law
  23. Marino Law
  24. Forge Legal
  25. Terry Anderssen Solicitor
  26. Wilson Law
  27. KLM Solicitors
  28. LGM Family Law
  29. BGM Family Lawyers
  30. Northside Family Law Centre
  31. Family Law Group Solicitors
  32. Stone Group Lawyers
  33. Queensland Family Law Practice
  34. Fox and Thomas Business Lawyers
  35. Rice Naughton McCarthy
  36. Australian Family Lawyers Brisbane
  37. Kate Austin Family Lawyers
  38. Phillips Family Law
  39. Stewart Family Law
  40. Lewis and Trovas Family Lawyers
  41. Damien Greer Lawyers
  42. Daykin Family Law
  43. O’Reilly Shaw Family Lawyers
  44. Oner Family Law
  45. RMO Law Brisbane
  46. Barton Family Lawyers
  47. Day Family Law
  48. Corney and Lind Lawyers
  49. Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers
  50. Merthyr Law

What makes an excellent Brisbane family lawyer?

The four criteria we used to determine our list guide what a family law team should embody.


  • Initial Response Time. Observe how long it takes for the lawyer or their office to respond to your initial contact, whether by phone or email. Prompt responses often indicate good availability.
  • Follow-up. Pay attention to how the lawyer follows up after your first consultation. A lawyer who proactively follows up will likely be more than happy to be available throughout your legal process.


  • Professional associations. Check if the lawyer is a member of relevant professional associations. Membership with associations like the Queensland Law Society requires them to adhere to specific professional standards.
  • Client testimonials and reviews. Look at reviews on various platforms. Look at what things come up consistently. Also, consider how they respond to the reviews, especially negative ones.


  • Clarity. Observe how the lawyer explains legal concepts and processes. Family law can be complex. However, a good communicator will provide clear, understandable explanations.
  • Empathy and understanding. Family law issues are emotionally challenging and stressful. Family law lawyers should empathise with your situation and treat your case sensitively.

Experience and expertise

  • Case History. Ask about the cases they have handled, particularly those similar to your situation. A lawyer experienced in cases like yours will likely understand the best strategies for your situation.
  • Courtroom Experience. Inquire about their courtroom experience, especially if your case may go to trial. An experienced trial lawyer will be comfortable arguing cases in court and navigating complex litigation.

a client meeting with a family lawyer

Why are Brisbane family lawyers crucial?

There are many reasons why a family lawyer is a crucial part of a family law matter. Here are a few.

Objective Advice

It’s challenging to remain objective during emotional and stressful family disputes, such as divorce or custody battles. Family lawyers provide balanced and impartial advice. This helps clients make informed decisions without being clouded by emotion.

Negotiation Skills

Many family law matters are resolved through negotiation rather than court trials. Family lawyers are skilled negotiators who can secure favourable outcomes for their clients while preserving family relationships.

Court Representation

A family lawyer provides vital representation if a family law matter escalates to court. They understand the procedures and can effectively argue a client’s case before a judge. This provides the best chance for a positive outcome.

Documentation and Paperwork

Family law proceedings can involve extensive paperwork. This can include filing applications and affidavits and formalising agreements. Family lawyers ensure that all documentation is filed correctly and on time. This prevents delays or issues.

Property Settlements Legal Framework and Procedures

How do I find the best family lawyers in Brisbane?

There are many things to consider when finding the right family lawyer. Here are some factors to keep in mind.

Research and Referrals

Start by requesting referrals from friends, family, or professionals like therapists or financial advisors. Anyone who might have worked with family lawyers in Brisbane. Online searches can also provide a list of local family lawyers, reviews, and ratings.

Check Qualifications and Experience

Review the qualifications and experience of potential lawyers. Look for someone who has a substantial amount of experience handling cases similar to yours. Check their membership with the Queensland Law Society to ensure they are in good professional standing.

Schedule Consultations

Contact several lawyers for initial consultations. Most family lawyers offer a first consultation for free or at a reduced rate. This meeting is crucial to assess whether the lawyer’s expertise and approach align with your needs.

Consider Compatibility

Family law matters can be highly personal and emotional. Trust and rapport are key factors, so it’s vital that you feel comfortable and confident in your lawyer’s ability to represent you.

mother with custody arrangements of her child

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How do I get the most out of an initial consultation?

The initial consultation is important to see how well you work with them. Here are a few tips to approach an initial consultation.

List Your Questions

Prepare a list of questions you have about your case or the legal process. This ensures you don’t forget to ask important questions during the consultation.

Discuss Expectations

Be clear about what outcomes you hope to achieve and discuss these with the lawyer. Understanding each other’s expectations can help determine if the lawyer is right for your case.

Assess Comfort and Compatibility

Determine if you feel comfortable with the lawyer personally and professionally. Trust is crucial as you will share sensitive information and rely on their expertise.

property settlement meeting between the lawyer and the couple (1)


In summary, here are our picks for the 10 best family lawyers in Brisbane:

  1. Genuine Legal
  2. A.L.F. Lawyers
  3. Unified Lawyers
  4. James Black Family Law
  5. Cornerstone Law Offices
  6. Simonidis Steel Lawyers
  7. TWC Lawyers
  8. Neilson Law
  9. Transitional Legal
  10. McInnes Wilson Lawyers

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