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Welcome to Room, Australia’s online family law directory, where finding the right family lawyer is simplified and streamlined. We understand that navigating family law matters can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop platform that brings together a comprehensive network of certified and experienced family lawyers from Western Australia to Queensland and Victoria.

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Our directory is designed to effortlessly connect you with the ideal legal professional in your area, tailored to your specific needs. Often, you may find your chosen lawyer won’t necessarily reflect your needs. Whether you’re dealing with divorce, custody issues, or any other family law matter, our intuitive platform makes it easy to find a lawyer who is not only geographically convenient but also perfectly aligned with your legal requirements.

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❌ Difficulty in Locating Specialised Lawyers

✅ provides a directory specifically for family lawyers, categorised by areas of expertise and location.

❌ Lack of Trust and Credibility
✅ The directory features only verified family lawyers with detailed profiles, including qualifications, experience, and client reviews.
❌ Time-Consuming Search Process

✅ Streamlined search functionality on, with filters for specialisation, location, and availability to expedite the process.

❌ Accessibility and Convenience Issues
✅ Easy-to-navigate website design and options for online consultations to enhance accessibility.
❌ Post-Selection Communication Gaps
✅ Direct communication links on lawyer profiles and information on typical response times.

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Lawyers: Supercharge Your Leads

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At Room, we prioritise reliability and efficiency. Every law firm listed with us is experienced and certified with their State law society, ensuring that you engage with only the most reputable and skilled practitioners. Trust us to match you with a family lawyer who can provide the expertise and support you need during this crucial time.

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Many struggle to find the right lawyer for their legal needs, leading to frustration, wasted time, and potentially unsatisfactory legal representation.

Our platform simplifies the lawyer-client connection process, making it easy for individuals to discover and engage with the perfect lawyer for their legal matters.

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Our extensive directory is your gateway to various family law firms across Australia. Covering all facets of family law, this comprehensive index ensures access to the country’s best legal minds. Whether you’re dealing with divorce, child custody, property division, or any other family law issue, our directory is the perfect starting point for your legal journey.

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Experience the convenience of engaging directly with a legal practitioner through our Lawyer’s Chat feature. This unique service allows you to ask questions related to your case and receive free legal advice from our carefully selected, experienced lawyers. It’s an invaluable opportunity to gain initial guidance and clarity on your legal situation.

Location-Based Search

We believe in the power of local legal services. Our location-based search functionality enables you to find family lawyers in your community, ensuring you receive support and representation that’s both expert and local. This feature particularly benefits those who value face-to-face interactions and local insights into their legal issue.

Compatibility Matching

At Room, we understand that every family law case is unique. That’s why we offer a specialised compatibility matching service. This feature pairs you with family lawyers with specific experience and expertise in areas of family law that are relevant to your case, such as child custody or property division. We aim to ensure you’re matched with a lawyer who understands your specific needs and has the right skills and experience to handle your case effectively.

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Room is the principal place to find a lawyer with the right accredited specialisation for your needs. The platform makes it easier than ever to find representation locally by putting family law specialists in one place.

Room is an innovative platform that provides lawyers with unparalleled opportunities. With superior SEO strategies delivering targeted results, Room can match you with potential clients quickly and efficiently.

Signing up to Room and claiming your profile in the Lawyer Directory is completely free. This gives you access to an innovative platform and clients across Australia.

If you want to elevate your position on the platform further, you can pay a fee to upgrade to a premium account. Premium account holders benefit from site-wide visibility, maximising their potential to capture potential clients. They will also receive preferred ad placement across the list and archive views.

As an add-on, law firms can opt for special ad placement. These specialised placements specifically target the highest traffic sections of the website to provide maximum impact.

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